Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrow Reconstruction with NeoGraft

Eyebrows frame the eyes

The eyebrow frames the face and provides a visual cue to facial expression. Women spend a substantial amount of time and expense on cosmetics, eyebrow tattooing, and eyebrow hair removal (plucking) to achieve an ideal brow shape.

For some women, eyebrows have diminished thickness and shape from excessive hair removal. Other women suffer from a thin and nearly transparent eyebrow appearance due to their genetics.

Neograft FUE hair transplantation can be used to design and create a permanent, well shaped pair of eyebrows. The technique can also be used to reshape and improve existing eyebrow patterns.

How does NeoGraft FUE for eyebrow reconstruction work?

With your experienced plastic surgeon, you’ll design an eyebrow shape and thickness that compliments your face. Variables to consider in designing your ideal eyebrow shape include thickness, arc, position relative to the orbital rim, distance from opposite eyebrow, tapering, and length.

Once the plan is designed on your facial photographs, the design is transferred to your brow.  Single follicular unit hair grafts are taken under local anesthesia using the NeoGraft device. The donor site for eyebrow hair is the shorter hair just above your ear, which has a good color match to the eyebrow in most patients.

The single follicular unit grafts are then placed into tiny incisions along the eyebrow design pattern. The tiny hair grafts blend in along with your current eyebrow hairs. Hair growth from the new grafts begins in a few months.