Nov 30

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Winter is the time for Hair Transplant Surgery !

by Seattle Hair Clinic

Winter is a great time to have your hair transplant procedure at Sound Plastic Surgery. We are offering 20% off of the cost of the Neograft procedure if you book surgery before January 1 2017.

Why is Winter a great time to do hair replacement surgery ? Because you can cover your head up comfortably for a couple of days with a nice hat and keep your new look concealed until your scalp has recovered - which typically takes a couple of days. By Summer time, you should have some ingrowth of new hairs in the transplanted regions, and the regions will continue to improve in hair density as the year goes on.

This recent patient was treated 8 months ago with 3000 Neografts to the frontal and temporal hairlines and into his exisiting hair to improve density. He began to notice growth at six months and reports that density has continued to improve month after month. He continues to use Propecia, which is our recommendation for all male post-operative patients.


Call (206) 729-2248 to schedule your hair transplant surgery consultation and take advantage of 20% off savings until the end of 2016.

Seattle Hair Clinic
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