Feb 17

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Menopause related hair loss in women

by Seattle Hair Clinic

Many women that experience hormonal changes in menopause will experience some hair loss. For women that have inherited genetic hairloss, this hormonal change can result in substantial hair loss. Its reasonable to try hormone replacement therapy under the supervision of a physician and observe how female hair loss changes over time. If improvement is seen with HRT, then this is a reasonable route to take over the long term, although HRT has risks of its own. For post-menopaulsal patients that have noticed an established pattern of hairloss that is limited to the frontal and vertex areas of the scalp, and is not generalized - its reasonable to consider Neograft hair restoration surgery to strengthen the thinning regions of hair. Hair loss in women is a complex and multi-factorial issue, and each case should be individualized. But for the right patient, at the right time in her life, Neograft single follicular unit transplantation can yield substantial cosmetic improvements.


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