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Medical causes of female hair loss

by Seattle Hair Clinic

There are a variety of medical disorders that are associated with hair loss in female patients. It is important to discuss and screen for these medical causes for hair loss, as Neograft hair transplantation surgery is not necessarily indicated for this subset of hairloss patients. The following medical conditions are associated with hair loss in women.

1. Menopause - the withdrawl of estrogen levels in menopause can be associated with changes in hair texture and alopecia (hair loss)

2. Anemia

3. Thyroid disease 

4. Weight loss and nutritional disorders related to severe dieting 

5. Medications - including oral contraceptives, beta-blocker medications for blood pressure, throid replacement medications, prednisone, coumadin (a blood thinner)

6. Auto-immune diseases such a lupus

7. Post-partum hair loss - often recovers without treatment

Blood tests in conjunction with consultation with a primary care physician or internal medicine physician is important in the work-up and treatment of women experiencing hair loss.


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