May 02

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Hair Transplant in Seattle with NeoGraft technology

by Seattle Hair Clinic

Surgical procedures evolve with time. They become more sophisticated, safer and reproducible. The development of hair transplant surgery has undergone changes over the past decade that make cosmetic outcomes more reliable and better than ever.

The plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery offer hair transplant surgery using the revolutionary NeoGraft device. With the Neograft single follicular uit (FUE) technique, we are able to take single follicular units from the back of the scalp and move these individual hair follicles to balding regions of the scalp. The transplanted hairs retain their original biologic characteristics and are resistant to the hormonal forces of male pattern hair loss in the new scalp location.  

With Neograft FUE, we are able to move hairs into their new location without shaving or cutting the recipient site. With NeoGraft FUE hair transplantation, we can design and build a youthful hairline and improve density in thinning regions. The recovery after NeoGraft is rapid, with our patients returning to work a day or two after surgery. 

Neograft FUE avoids the unsightly linear scar on the back of scalp that is used in traditional strip graft harvesting techniques.

Hair transplantation surgery is plastic surgery. Trust a board certified plastic surgeon to perform your hair transplantation with Neograft FUE in Seattle, WA.

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