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Hair growth timing after Neograft hair transplantation

by Seattle Hair Clinic

We are often asked 'when will I start to see hair growth' after Neograft hair transplant surgery.

The short answer is: in about 8-10 months after hair transplant surgery.

Several phenomena after observed after hair transplant surgery

1. The surrounding, native hairs can undergo 'telogenic effluvium', also knows as 'shock loss' - the hair surrounding the grafts can actually thin and this can be noticiable in the first few months after transplantation. We have observed this in women more often then men.

2. The average time to see initial hair growth is about 6 months. We see some patients develop hair growth as early as 4 months, but most start hair growth at 6 months, with substantial and measurable hair growth taking 10 months in some patients.

3. The transplanted hairs will 'cycle' in unison for the first few months after noticable hair growth begins. Since all hair follicles cycle, the unified cycling of transplanted hair follicles will result in some initial thinning 

4. It is not until 'normal' asynchronous hair follicle cycling begins at 18-24 months does hair become noticably thicker. 

Hair Transplant Hair Growth

We believe that the use of minoxidil and finasteride is important post operatively to support and maintain transplanted hair growth. This is our recommendation, but we believe its an important adjunct for all of our male patients. Female patients should not use either of these medications.

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