About Hair Loss

Hair loss, or alopecia, affects many men and women.  Hair loss can lower one’s self esteem and even result in depression and anxiety.   For many people, their hairstyle helps define who they are.  Men often associate a full head of hair with youth and vitality.  Many women associate their hair with their own beauty and sexuality.

Thinning hair is associated with an aged appearance. Our society values a youthful and healthy appearance. Restoration of a youthful hairline and hair density with hair transplantation surgery is a step toward a more youthful appearance for both men and women.

As people age, the rate of hair growth slows.  With age comes a natural thinning of the hair.  Additionally, androgenic alopecia can affect men and women as well.  This genetic condition predisposes men to have male pattern baldness usually beginning in the 20s.  The hairline along the front and temple regions recedes. Hair progressively thin along the crown of the scalp (vertex) as well.  Generalized thinning also occurs in these areas, which makes the scalp skin more visible. Women who are affected will usually begin losing their hair in their 40s or later, and they usually experience a more general thinning of the hair.

You don’t have to accept hair loss as your fate in life. Something can be done to restore a youthful, fuller head of hair. At Sound Plastic Surgery, we offer medical and surgical hair restoration using the most advanced techniques available. 

Hair Loss Procedure

At Sound Plastic Surgery we use the revolutionary NeoGraft FUE device to maximize the number of hair grafts we can place in a single session. The hair transplantation procedure is performed under local anesthetic in our private office while you are awake. At the end of the session, you return home with simple after care instructions to follow until your next visit.

NeoGraft is State-of-the-Art Treatment for Hair Loss

  • Least invasive hair transplant procedure available
  • No scalpel incisions, no sutures or staples, no linear scar
  • Large areas of scalp treated in single session
  • Fast recovery time compared to traditional ‘strip’ procedure
  • Reduces the need for additional procedures in future

Steps of the NeoGraft Procedure

  1. Meeting with our board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your goals
  2. Medical photography of your scalp and analysis of your hair density
  3. Design an appropriate hairline and scalp coverage to compliment your face
  4. Preparation of your scalp with local anesthesia
  5. Extraction of hair follicles using the NeoGraft device from the back of head
  6. Placement of hair grafts into the hairline and scalp according to design
  7. Simple dressing placement and you return home

Your hairline and scalp will look much better several months after the procedure. Repeating the procedure a year later with more FUE grafts can add even more density and thickness to your hair.